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Fluorescent Tube Roller Shaker

SKU: T1002

Hand held roller shaker with mirrors and fluorescent beads that spin and glow when used under UV light.


3-5 days

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Calming, relaxing and interactive, the Flourescent Tube Roller Shaker creates stimulating sounds and visual effects that are perfect for inspiring imaginations and preventing meltdowns.

The handheld fidget toy is made from wood. While a transparent plastic roll at the top of the baton is decorated with mirrors and fluorescent pieces that make calming visual and auditory effects when spun.

The roller shaker spins smoothly with minimal effort for ease and accessibility. And the fluorescent pieces will glow brilliantly in UV lighting for a wonderful visual effect.

Fluorescent Tube Roller Shaker Features:

  • Watch as the fluorescent beads and mirrors create a dynamic and stimulating visual effect.
    • Magically transform the visual experience by shining a UV light over the shaker.
  • Listen to the rattling beads create a calming rain-like sound effect.
  • Interact with the roller shaker easily by gently rolling your fingers over it.

Size: 24cm

Product Code: T1002

Sizes: 24cm Long

Pack Quantity: 1

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