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Ensemble Room Controller Software Bundle

SKU: G5007

The Ensemble Room Controller is the central hub to the Rhino Immersive Sensory Room. Read more or contact us for more information.


4-6 weeks

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The Ensemble Room Controller is the central hub to the Rhino Immersive Sensory Room.

Control bubble tubes, fibre optic lights, LED lights and other sensory equipment, wirelessly to change the environment to suit your needs. Wouldn’t it be great to teach using pre-constructed themes to your class that will leave students in wonder and awe. You can with the Ensemble Room Controller by using the easy to use interface and the different pre-loaded theme templates.Ensemble is a flexible software package that helps you to create themes that link movements to sounds, lighting, video, image and sensory effects. The software is split into two separate applications:

– Designer: Lets you decide how inputs are converted into sounds, light and effects.
– Launchpad: Performs the result.

The heart of the Ensemble system is the Designer. This drag and drop software allows you to create unique themes that are personalised to the individual, group or environment. Themes are designed by linking together cause and effect on screen. Simply drag blocks representing inputs and outputs onto the map area and join them together.

The Launchpad is quick and simple to use, Launchpad provides a friendly front-end for playing back themes you’ve already created. Click on an icon to select the theme, then press the Play button to start it. Mute and vary the overall volume for master control. Pause to stop. Select another icon to change the theme.

Product Code: G5007

Pack Quantity: 1

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