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Sensory Exercise

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Activity Ring Set

Activity Ring Set

Set of brightly coloured activity rings for countless motor activities.

Colour Name Beanbags

Colour Name Beanbags

Beanbags with written colour names. Eight colours and eight pieces in a set.

Mountain Wall Toy

Mountain Wall Toy

A wall element which use eye tracking and co-ordination to trace the mountain using your hands or feet with the paddle.

Obstacle Course Cones

Obstacle Course Cones

A multi-function set of cones which can be used for countless activities. The holes (25mm) make it possible to use the cones in combination with the set of Sticks.

Obstacle Course Hula Hoops

Obstacle Course Hula Hoops

Strong Hula Hoops made for rough and tumble play without risk of breaking. Can be combined with Cones

Obstacle Course Sticks

Obstacle Course Sticks

A set of 6 high quality plastic sticks (3 orange, 3 green) - virtually unbreakable. Equipped with round stoppers at each end these sticks are ideal for use with set of cones to create hurdles and obstacles for fun exercise routine.