Our Favourite Vibrating Sensory Toys

Understanding Sensory Vibrations

Vibrations are a key part of our sensory diet. They provide calming massaging stimulations that are effective in helping us feel more centred and comfortable in our bodies.

Although it can be hard to find vibrations naturally, it’s not every day that we have access to a stimulating sensory room or a luxury spa. So, our sensory team has put together their favourite budget-friendly vibrating sensory toys so that you can access their therapeutic benefits at home or school.

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Vibration Therapy

There are two main sensory functions of vibration therapy:

  • Calming Vibrations for people who are sensory seeking or hypersensitive to their sensory environment. The gentle rumbles create a sensory focus, which distracts the brain’s sensory need for attention, so you can instead concentrate on other things like listening in school, sitting still when eating dinner, or calming an emotional outburst.

Calming vibrations are key for people who seek movement, pressure and touch.

  • Invigorating Vibrations for those who are hyposensitive and don’t usually get the chance to get active. Vibrations create therapeutic deep proprioceptive stimulation that strengthens muscles, wakes sensory systems, and energises bodies.

This type of massage therapy is vital for older people and those with physical disabilities.


Boy in wheelchair

Who Are Sensory Vibration Activities For?

Sensory vibration activities are therapeutically beneficial for most people. Although they’re especially great for:

  • People with Disabilities
  • People with Sensory Processing Disorders
  • Children & Adults with Autism
  • Babies


Our Favourite Vibrating Sensory Toys

Vibrating Snake

Best All-Rounder: Vibrating Snake

Our best-selling Vibrating Snake sensory toy is one of our favourite products for helping kids and adults relax.

The snake’s therapeutic vibrations relax muscles and stimulate proprioceptive senses (which is particularly useful for those who are sensory seeking). Vibrating Snake is colourful, flexible, battery-operated and portable, so you can take it wherever you go! Whilst two-speed choices mean you can create a sensory experience that perfectly suits your needs.

Vibrating Pillow

Best Budget-Friendly: Vibrating Pillow

Our super comfy Vibrating Pillow is perfect for quiet moments and therapeutic sensory sessions. Filled with tactile microbeads and equipped with a built-in vibrating massage unit, the vibrating pillow is an all-in-one therapeutic aid.

Massager with Lights

Best Multi-Sensory: Massager With Lights

Our Vibrating Body Massager has three special pads that vibrate, soothing muscles and relaxing minds. The ends of the pads illuminate in soft-coloured lighting, calmly stimulating visual senses – perfect for therapeutic multi-sensory sessions.

Resonance Beanbag

Best Experience: Resonance Beanbag

Part speaker, part beanbag, and a whole sensory treat. Sit back and focus on the soothing vibrations and stimulating sounds emanating from the beanbag, creating a personal and immersive sensory session. Discover an awareness of your body through the vibrations and the physical sensation of the music.

Vibrating Bumpers

Best for Sensory Rooms: Vibrating Wall Bumper

A soft padded bumpy wall that vibrates when touched. They’re a great, fun and interactive piece of soft play equipment to add to any sensory environment.

Vibrating Floor Pad

Best Full Body Vibrations: Vibrating Floor Pad

Our cosy vinyl-covered foam pad has five vibrating discs embedded in its material. Users can lie on the pad and use the handheld controller to match the vibration effects to their mood and comfort levels.


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