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Visual Impairment

Nurture and develop your communication, social interaction, play and learning skills with our inspiring Visual Impairment collection, filled with highly contrasting elements, tactile treats, and fascinating interactive sensory gadgets.

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Our Visual Impairment collection is designed to support people who are blind or have a visual impairment. With contrasting colours, bright lights and tactile elements, users are encouraged to confidently explore their senses, learn more about themselves and the wider world around them.

Specially selected by our sensory experts, our visual impairment collection is perfect for individuals, schools, occupational therapists, play specialists and charities.

What you’ll find in our Visual Impairment collection:

  • Glow in the Dark: Brighten up dark spaces with our exciting range of glow in the dark resources; they’re a lot of fun and are great for building visual tracking skills.
  • Mood Lighting: Bright, shining, twinkling and glowing and designed to catch the eye. Mood lighting is great for expressing emotions and developing visual skills.
  • Multi-sensory Adventure: If we can’t rely on our sense of sight, we’ve got four other senses to help us learn more about the world! You’ll find tactile, audio and vestibular resources in this collection too!

If you need any product recommendations, sensory advice, or general inquiries about our Visual Impairment collection, then get in touch with a member of our sensory team; they’ll be more than happy to help.

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Sensory Voyager Hurricane Trolley

A uniquely portable all-in-one sensory solution that transforms rooms into immersive sensory experiences. Sensory Voyagers are great for sharing, saving space and budgets.

Shaker Music Panel Community Areas Size 80 x 59.5cm

Shaker Music Panel

This high quality music panel gives audio stimulation and rewards as the balls roll around giving a range of sounds.

Shape Sorting Cube Developmental Size 15.5 x 15.5cm

Shape Sorting Cube

This classic educational toy can bring hours of fun.

Sight & Sound Tube Drum Developmental Size Base size: 26 x 22cm

Sight & Sound Tube Drum

The Sight & Sound Tube Drum consists of 5 individual tubes, each consisting of interesting audio and visual objects.

Silishapes Blocks – Pk 24 Developmental Size 7.5 x 3.75 x 0.25cm

Silishapes Blocks – Pk 24

A mix of colours and shaped bricks. Pack of 24. Ideal to encourage fine motor skills.

Silishapes Sensory Circle Set Gross Motor & Balance Size Dia 35 and 8cm

Silishapes Sensory Circle Set

10 Textured discs that are soft, colourful and interestingly textured for exciting exploratory tactile play.

Smell Pots Sensory Toys

Smell Pots

A pack of 10 plastic pots with holes in the lids, ideal for adding scented ingredients to encourage exploring of the smell sense.

Soft Frame 3 Bubble Mirror Sensory Toys Size 84 x 30cm

Soft Frame 3 Bubble Mirror

A wall mounted mirror which will distort a reflection much to the amusement of most little youngsters.

Soft Frame Sensory Mirror Sensory Toys Size 84 x 84cm

Soft Frame Sensory Mirror

Nine convex/concave dips and curves encourage users to get close to examine their reflections - which appear curiously different.

Soft Rubber Farm Set Sensory Toys Size Cow Size: 18cm

Soft Rubber Farm Set

An attractive rubber animal play set all with squeezy, tactile, soft bodies.

Soft Rubber Jungle Set Sensory Toys Size Elephant Size: 20cm

Soft Rubber Jungle Set

An attractive rubber animal play set all with squeezy, tactile, soft bodies.

Solid Core Fibre Optic Harness Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 3 x 400cm

Solid Core Fibre Optic Harness

This super safe fibre optic harness supplied in either a clear or a multi-coloured UV reactive sheathing is perfect for decorative and sensory use.

Sound & Light Panel Multi-Sensory Equipment Size H61 x W61 x D10.2cm

Sound & Light Panel

A sound sensitive wall panel which glows different colours depending on pitch and the brightness with the volume of sound.

Sound Prism Adult Sensory Resources

Sound Prism

The set is made up of 6 pairs of beautiful hardwood triangular prisms, identifiable by colour coded musical notes or weight block logos.

Sound Sensitive Colour Controller Switch Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 12 x 4 x 4cm

Sound Sensitive Colour Controller Switch

A sound sensitive colour controller - the sound switch will pick up anything unusually loud and change the colour accordingly.

Space Blanket Sensory Toys Size 200 x 130cm

Space Blanket

A versatile crinkle blanket which gives audio feedback when moved or a great backdrop for projection and light work.

Spectra Strobe Ball – Pack of 2 Sensory Toys Size 6cm

Spectra Strobe Ball – Pack of 2

A rubbery fluorescent ball made of brightly coloured translucent sections complete with flashing lights.

Spider Ball Autism Resources Size 7cm Tentacles

Spider Ball

A soft rubber tactile colourful ball for tactile stimulation or a great fidgit.