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Visual Impairment

Nurture and develop your communication, social interaction, play and learning skills with our inspiring Visual Impairment collection, filled with highly contrasting elements, tactile treats, and fascinating interactive sensory gadgets.

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Our Visual Impairment collection is designed to support people who are blind or have a visual impairment. With contrasting colours, bright lights and tactile elements, users are encouraged to confidently explore their senses, learn more about themselves and the wider world around them.

Specially selected by our sensory experts, our visual impairment collection is perfect for individuals, schools, occupational therapists, play specialists and charities.

What you’ll find in our Visual Impairment collection:

  • Glow in the Dark: Brighten up dark spaces with our exciting range of glow in the dark resources; they’re a lot of fun and are great for building visual tracking skills.
  • Mood Lighting: Bright, shining, twinkling and glowing and designed to catch the eye. Mood lighting is great for expressing emotions and developing visual skills.
  • Multi-sensory Adventure: If we can’t rely on our sense of sight, we’ve got four other senses to help us learn more about the world! You’ll find tactile, audio and vestibular resources in this collection too!

If you need any product recommendations, sensory advice, or general inquiries about our Visual Impairment collection, then get in touch with a member of our sensory team; they’ll be more than happy to help.

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Omi Reflex+ Mobile Multi-Sensory Equipment Size Unit Size: W52 x D52 x H91cm

Omi Reflex+ Mobile

A portable interactive wall projection system that projects dynamic images which respond to users movements in space and displays a live image of the player.

Outdoor Chimes (Post Mounted) Community Areas Size H150 x L100 x D15cm

Outdoor Chimes (Post Mounted)

A colourful tuneful addition to a sensory garden.

Paddles Developmental Size Length 15cm


Transparent colour paddles in 6 different colours. Great for use with a light panel for colour matching and mixing.

Play 'n' Sound Mat

Play ‘n’ Sound Mat

Our Play 'n' Sound Mat offers a stimulating, soft and safe sensory play area for your baby. Each of the 9 square foam tiles has a removable shape in its centre and a stimulating texture that encourages tactile exploration and play.

Playtime Bus with Phonics

Playtime Bus with Phonics

Climb aboard for a fun learning journey! The V-Tech Playtime Bus is ready for its sensory route. Learn phonic sounds, letters, vocabulary, numbers, counting and safety rules.

Porcupine Balls 10cm Sensory Toys Size Dia 10cm

Porcupine Balls 10cm

Set of 4 balls. These balls have a tactile and stimulating effect when they are rolled over the body.

Porcupine Balls 8cm Sensory Toys Size Dia 8cm

Porcupine Balls 8cm

Set of 4 balls. These balls have a tactile and stimulating effect when they are rolled over the body.

Rainbow in my room Autism Resources

Rainbow In My Room

Using interactive LED lighting, Rainbow In My Room projects bright rainbow arches across walls and ceilings, instantly creating colourful dreamlands.

Rainbow Sound Blocks

Rainbow Sound Blocks

A set of rainbow blocks with each shape contains different objects to create a variety of sounds.

Rainbow Windmill Sensory Toys Size 29cm x 6cm

Rainbow Windmill

This colourful rainbow windmill creates magical multi-coloured LED effects when it spins around.

Recliner Bean Bag Beanbags & Large Cushions Size L 175CM X W 50CM

Recliner Bean Bag

The recliner bean bad is specially designed with an arch at the rear ensuring support for your head, neck and back.

Rectangular Safety Mirror Sensory Toys Size 110 x 55cm

Rectangular Safety Mirror

A large rectangular multi-purpose plastic mirror suitable for many environments and educational settings.

Relaxer Seating & Positioning Size 74 x 119 x 64cm


This popular reclining shaped chair provides great posture support and distributes the body weight evenly.

Resonance Beanbag

Resonance Beanbag

A resonance bean bag which can be plugged into a stereo system to resonate musical vibrations through the cushion for tactile feedback.

Resonance Long Easy Beanbags & Large Cushions Size L165 x W76cm

Resonance Long Easy

A resonance long bean bag which can be plugged into a stereo system to resonate musical vibrations through the cushion for tactile feedback.

RGB Moving Dots Light Effect

RGB Moving Dots Light Effect

Our tabletop RGB Moving Dots Light Effect creates a stimulating light show in a darkened space that calms and distracts users.

Rhythm Pals Sensory Toys Size 9.5cm

Rhythm Pals

A set of 4 Rhythm Pals shake and music makers, specially designed to increase users awareness of sound.

Ripple UV Mat Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 50 x 50cm

Ripple UV Mat

This woven fluorescent mat has added tactile appeal with bumps as well as glowing well under UV light