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Visual Impairment

Nurture and develop your communication, social interaction, play and learning skills with our inspiring Visual Impairment collection, filled with highly contrasting elements, tactile treats, and fascinating interactive sensory gadgets.

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Our Visual Impairment collection is designed to support people who are blind or have a visual impairment. With contrasting colours, bright lights and tactile elements, users are encouraged to confidently explore their senses, learn more about themselves and the wider world around them.

Specially selected by our sensory experts, our visual impairment collection is perfect for individuals, schools, occupational therapists, play specialists and charities.

What you’ll find in our Visual Impairment collection:

  • Glow in the Dark: Brighten up dark spaces with our exciting range of glow in the dark resources; they’re a lot of fun and are great for building visual tracking skills.
  • Mood Lighting: Bright, shining, twinkling and glowing and designed to catch the eye. Mood lighting is great for expressing emotions and developing visual skills.
  • Multi-sensory Adventure: If we can’t rely on our sense of sight, we’ve got four other senses to help us learn more about the world! You’ll find tactile, audio and vestibular resources in this collection too!

If you need any product recommendations, sensory advice, or general inquiries about our Visual Impairment collection, then get in touch with a member of our sensory team; they’ll be more than happy to help.

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Circus Effect Wheel

Magnetic Effect Wheels 6″ At the Circus

Roll up, roll up! The wonderful sensory circus is ready to roll into town.

At The Farm Effect Wheel

Magnetic Effect Wheels 6″ At the Farm

Have a fun day out at the farm, without any of the mess! Sit back and relax, and let your imagination take you off into the farmyard scene.

At The Zoo Effect Wheel

Magnetic Effect Wheels 6″ At the Zoo

Let’s have an exciting trip to the Zoo! Stimulate your senses and ignite your imaginations with our wonderfully colourful Zoo effect wheel.

Balloon Festival Effect Wheel

Magnetic Effect Wheels 6″ Balloon Festival

Up, up and away, float off into a relaxing headspace with our visually stimulating Balloon Festival effect wheel.

Princesses Effect Wheel

Magnetic Effect Wheels 6″ Princesses

Once upon a time, we created a magical effect wheel that could transport any princess to a fantastic fairy-tale world.

Superheroes Effect Wheel

Magnetic Effect Wheels 6″ Superheroes

Superheroes Effect Wheel displays various images of Superheroes in an illustrated form.

Mini Bondina Bells Developmental Size 34 x 7 x 12cm

Mini Bondina Bells

Have hours of stimulating sensory fun ringing our rainbow of Mini Bondina Bells.

Mirror Ball 20cm Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 20cm

Mirror Ball 20cm

A mirror ball for a fascinating light show when used with a colour pinspot and mirror ball rotator.

Mirror Chimeabout Developmental Size H24cm x Dia 20cm

Mirror Chimeabout

Spin to hear the bells on the mirror perspex strips jingle as they move.

Mirror Diffraction Box Developmental Size Cube size: 13 x 14cm

Mirror Diffraction Box

Two sides are acrylic mirror and
two sides diffraction. The cube will spin at the slightest touch. A visually
stimulating resource.

Mirror Marble Wheel Developmental

Mirror Marble Wheel

Styled like a ship's wheel, with a mirror set inside. Nylon cups each holding a coloured marble, rotate randomly when the wheel is spun.

Mood Blocks Autism Resources Size 7.5cm

Mood Blocks

Set of 4 colour changing mood blocks which create a lovely warm ambience of light.

Multi Sensory Ball Pack Sensory Toys Size Largest Ball 7.5cm dia, Smallest Ball 5cm dia

Multi Sensory Ball Pack

A selection of 20 balls with different textures, colours, density and bounce properties.

Musical Touch Wall Multi-Sensory Equipment Size H77.5 x W67 x D9cm

Musical Touch Wall

This Sensory Musical Touchwall is a fabulous fun tool, perfect to be put into a multi-sensory room


Musical Waterbed Double

This musical water bed is a great medium for music and
resonance and has great tactile stimulation effects.


Musical Waterbed Single

Our musical waterbed features a built-in sound system that generates soothing, resonant vibrations across the mattress and an immersive multisensory experience for user

Odd Balls Set Developmental Size Dia 15-25cm

Odd Balls Set

Covered in interesting textures, our Odd Balls Set helps users playfully develop their tactile, fine and gross motor skills.

Omi Beam Mobile Multi-Sensory Equipment Size Unit Size:

Omi Beam Mobile

A portable, plug and play interactive light and sound system of coloured beams of light that produce sounds and images
when interrupted.