How To Clean A Bubble Tube

Bubble Tube Cleaning Brush, Bubble Column Additive

How often should a Bubble Tube be cleaned?

We recommend that you empty your Bubble Tube about every six weeks and refill it with fresh clean water. If de-ionised (distilled) water has been used then this will only need to be changed every 3 months.

What do I need to clean and refill a Bubble Column?

You will need the following for a quick, clean and easy procedure:

  • Length of hose
  • Bucket
  • Soft brush (or a cloth tied to a pole)
  • Pump (optional but recommended for tall tubes)
  • Easy access to water and drain
  • BCB – Bubble Column Additive (or water purification tablets)

How do I clean a Bubble Column?

Do not try to lift or drain the Bubble Tube single-handedly. And make sure you disconnect from the mains before emptying.

A 1.2m Bubble Column will need approximately 20 litres of water and a 1.75m Bubble Column will require approximately 40 litres of water.

Draining a Bubble Column

  1. Remove Bubble Column security bracket
  2. Remove podium pad and lid
  3. Disconnect the electrical cables at the base of the column
  4. Remove the bubble column lid
  5. Empty the column using the hose and creating a siphon (or use a pump)
  6. When almost empty lift the Bubble Column from the podium or position and tilt the column so the remaining water drains into a bucket.
  7. Remove any inserts such as fish or balls

Cleaning a Bubble Column

  1. Use a soft bristled brush (or tie a cloth to a pole) and clean the interior of the bubble tube with warm soapy water (Do not use hard or metallic cleaning tools that would scratch the acrylic)
  2. Clean out any algae and debris at the base of the bubble tube
  3. Thoroughly rinse out to ensure that any soap residue is removed.
  4. The exterior of the tube can be cleaned with normal spray polish and a soft cloth
  5. Replace the Bubble Column back in its position or position in the room.
  6. If using Ball Insert replace the inner tube

Refilling a Bubble Column

  1. Reconnect with electrical supplies (it runs on low voltage so this is safe)
  2. Replace Podium Lid
  3. Switch the Bubble Tube on to allow the pump to run
  4. Using a hosepipe from a tap or a bucket refill the column with water whilst the pump is running
  5. Fill with water to approx. 10cm from the top of the bubble tube
  6. Place any inserts or floating items back into the bubble tube
  7. Replace the podium pad
  8. Replace and secure the security bracket

Feel this is all too much for you to take on?  Why not use a waterless Bubble Column our fantastic Hurricane Tube which visually resembles a bubble tube looking almost identical.

Need further assistance with ongoing maintenance?  Call Rhino UK to request a maintenance plan.

(NB:  This article is based on the Rhino Bubble Tubes please check original manufacturers instructions before proceeding if your Bubble Column was purchased elsewhere)