Rhino UK is a leading supplier of multi-sensory equipment offering complete design, installation and maintenance service. For more than 75 years' combined experience working with Local Councils and Government Sectors serving Health and Education establishments; specialising in Multi-Sensory Rooms, Portable Multi-Sensory Solutions, Sensory Toys and Sensory Gardens.

How can we help you?

Every Multi-Sensory Room is different. We work with parents, carers and healthcare professionals to create multi-sensory experiences which support people with a range of needs such as:

  • Autism
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Communication Skills
  • Dementia and Alzheimer's
  • Reminiscence
  • Rehabilitation
  • Speech and Language Development
  • Visual Impairment




A child in my class has autism or learning difficulties what resources are out there to help them?

Sensory equipment can play a huge part in pupils learning development. Rhino UK can provide multi-sensory environments for inclusive learning environments to make education accessible to all. 

How does sensory equipment help those on the Autism Spectrum?

Processing everyday sensory information can prove difficult to those on the Autism Spectrum.  Any of the senses may be over or under sensitive, or both at different times. This affecting behaviours and can have a huge effect on the individual’s life. This is where sensory comes into effect, as often small changes to the environment can make a difference as this can be achieved through using a variety of sensory equipment to suit the individual’s needs.

What resources are out there to help my school be more special needs friendly?

Rhino UK offer a variety of sensory solutions to help a wide variety of special needs in schools. We can provide sensory rooms or portable sensory equipment including the voyager, sensory pop-up kits and sensory toys.

What sensory equipment is available to play specialists in hospitals?

Rhino UK supplies sensory equipment to hospital all over the UK, providing anything from full fit out sensory rooms, sensory gardens, soft play and the number 1 portable sensory trolley, The Voyager.

How to make children more comfortable in hospitals?

Being in hospital for a child can be a very daunting experience, therefore it is important to make them feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. This can be influenced by implementing sensory stimulation/equipment. The light projectors, colourful fibre optics or sensory toys are a fantastic way to distract a child and keep them relaxed.

How to make a children’s hospital waiting room more entertaining for children?

Waiting in a hospital’s waiting room can be very tense for the parent and the child. Sensory distraction techniques are a great way to calm the situation and keep the child distracted from the pain they may be in. Rhino UK have a number of sensory fixed equipment so little hands can’t miss-place the equipment. Popular items in hospitals are: Omi Vista fixed, which is a ceiling mounted, interactive projector and tactile wall panels. Click here to view our full range.

I am an owner of a care home and need advice on equipment to help my patients keep their minds active/stimulated?

Multi-Sensory equipment and rooms have a proven track record of improving environments in care homes for the elderly. Rhino UK can provide a wide variety of products and solutions for integrating sensory equipment which relaxes, stimulates and maintains senses.

I care for a patient with dementia and need help knowing best what resources can help them feel less anxious and confused. Any ideas?

There are lots of sensory solutions that can help people with Dementia suitable for the care home and at home. Reminiscence activities can help considerably, giving them the sense they are back in time and everything seems ‘normal’ around them. This can be created through reminiscence rooms or by reminiscence activities.

I have a son with Autism who won’t sleep. Is there anything that could help him sleep?

There is a wide variety of sensory equipment out there to help people with Autism. Creating a relaxing environment at bedtime can prove difficult for a parents and this is where sensory equipment comes in. Projection of lights / stars / themes in the bedroom or a bubble tube in the corner. Browse through our selection of products HERE or contact Rhino UK today for further information: 01270 766660.



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