Sensory Room Guide

What Sensory Room do I need?

Making sure you create the perfect multi-sensory environment for your users is vital and Rhino Sensory UK help you 100% along the way to do this, ensuring you purchase sensory equipment that will make a real difference to the users’ lives.

The main questions you need to think about are:

1. What abilities do your users have?
2. What senses do you feel the users need to stimulate or relax?
3. What is the key objective of having the room? And what do you want the sensory room to achieve?

Have a browse of our Sensory Room Guide and please get in touch as we would be delighted to discuss your project with you further.

White Sensory Room or Light Sensory Room

Portable Sensory Equipment

Portable Sensory Equipment

Sensory Bedroom

Sensory Bedroom

Sensory Garden

Sensory Garden

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